We restore lives.

RTCAC and our partners are the front-line responders to reports of child abuse in Randolph and Tucker Counties.

RTCAC coordinates the efforts of child protection staff, law enforcement professionals, family advocates, medical providers, and mental health providers. Our staff:

  • facilitates our partners’ collaborative response
  • arranges families’ visits to the center
  • conducts forensic interviews
  • provides family advocacy and crisis intervention services
  • links children and caregivers to mental health services
  • ensures appropriate medical treatment

All of our services are aimed at reducing trauma so that children and families may begin the healing process. RTCAC services are free of charge to every client.

What is a Children’s Advocacy Center?

Before the CAC, children often went from agency to agency and endured multiple interviews, which can worsen a child’s traumatic experience. A Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) turns that model upside down by providing one safe, child-friendly facility where child protection, criminal justice, and child treatment professionals work together to investigate abuse, hold offenders accountable, and help children heal.

The CAC Model Works.

The CAC model makes children and families feel safer, connecting them with the critical services they need right from the start of an investigation.


Our Team Sets Us Apart.

Our team of passionate CAC staff members and Multi-Disciplinary Investigative Team (MDIT) partners are experienced professionals dedicated to helping children heal from abuse in Randolph and Tucker Counties. We are equally supported by our Board of Directors — volunteers who are committed to our mission and bring their own diverse professional expertise and experience to the organization.


Join Us.

We are always looking for experienced individuals who are passionate about fighting the cycle of abuse and creating a safer community for our children.